Author(s)VYVA Inc.

The event has been postponed until further notice.

Dear Supporter of the Arts:

On [TBA] VYVA Inc. of Solano County will host its 1st Annual VYVA Inc. Premiere Golf

Tournament at Eagle Vines Golf Club in Napa, California. As VYVA Inc. is a visual media arts scholarship program dedicated to providing a comprehensive hands on learning experience for students who excel or desire involvement in the visual media arts and entertainment industry. In keeping with the spirit of the entertainment industry, this years theme for the golf tournament is "Caddieshack," an iconic golf comedy. This golf tournament is a partnership-building event that serves as our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Funds raised assist VYVA Inc. in providing free educational programs, internships, hands-on learning, and scholarship money for participating students ranging from late middle school to college. The program instructs visual media art students in various advanced industry art techniques preparing them to enter college and a future work force, as well as soft skills such as dressing for success, applying for employment, verbal and non-verbal communication, and working in collaborative groups. This program is innovative and instrumental in helping under served students, comprised of artist and creative individuals whose talents deserve to be recognized as a viable career choice.

To ensure the success of our program, we depend heavily on generous donations from patrons of the arts, business partnerships, and families such as yours. All donations are welcome. Your donation can be made in the form of contemporary camera and video equipment, sound equipment, programs, specialized service, set construction, or monetary. We will use the donations to expand the program, allowing us to hand out scholarships to more students.

Your generosity will receive prominent acknowledgement on our website, future publications, and promotional displays. Your support is vital to the success of our 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. For your records, our tax ID number is 46-5691487

Thank you for your consideration.